Ladies Weekend!

Ladies Weekend!
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Here we are, the three ladies, at the garden party, before swimming and a big night out on the town. It’s fantastic to have friends as awesome as Jennifer and Andi. They are people who are creative and committed to making their lives good and being the sweetest friends I could imagine. You can see more of our adventures on my flickr page at

On the air with Ear Candy

Me on the air
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One of the coolest things we got to do was be guests on Jennifer’s “indie pop and other strange and wonderful music” radio show on KOOP, Austin’s community radio station. I’ve heard about Ear Candy for years and it was wonderful to be in the KOOP studio and get to help choose what songs to play. It has to be said our set was pretty Brooklyn heavy. We also solicited band names from listeners for the band Andi, Jennifer and I will start when/if Jennifer moves to Brooklyn. You can listen (online or in Austin) to Ear Candy on Saturdays from 5-7,

Birthday girls!

Birthday girls!
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Last weekend LJ and I celebrated our 6th birthday together with a picnic at Coney Island. 7 of us met up at the Owl’s Head Pier in Bay Ridge and rode there along the Shore Parkway greenway. It’s so nice to have a mostly car free ride, though then the greenway dumps you off in the Toys’R’Us parking lot and you have to fight through traffic the rest of the way. Felix said that our birthday parties are some of the only times he gets out to Brooklyn public spaces, which I took as a great compliment. The sand was hot, the water full of trash, the boardwalk crowded and the arcades loud. All told, it was a perfect Coney Island adventure. And since it’s the last season of it’s grittiness, I plan to be there often to enjoy it to its fullest. Going back home (on the subway) the N train went express, nonstop, to 59th street, drawing cheers from all aboard and causing Jason to remark it was “like having a limo.”

Horse friend (carousel version)

Horse friend
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Chris and Emily’s wedding also featured the historic Carousel at Lighthouse Point, which is a “piece of American folk art” according to their website. I have been fascinated with carousels (or really, anything to do with horses, living or carved from wood) since I was a very little girl. The reception features carousel rides which LJ, myself and the other (former) zine kids who were there enjoyed very much. Each horse had it’s own name, our favorite being “Fancy Prancy.” More photos on flickr!

Chirs and Emily’s Wedding

Table Setting
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Last weekend LJ and I traveled to New Haven, CT for the wedding of our friends Chris and Emily. Emily makes beautiful books and zines and Chris is a musician and producer. The table setting here feature the combination of their collection genius- electronic animals! Yes, anmials fused with vacuum tubes in beautifully letterpress printed packaging. Congratulations Chris and Emily, may your relationship continue to bring you (and your friends and family) hope, inspiration and companionship for many years to come!