Maybe So

Maybe So
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It might as well be said that this is my best friend of 11 years. He’s dumped me on the ground from a full gallop more times than I want to count, but also listened to my angst and shared my growing up process in his own horsey way. His “show name” is Maybe So, but he goes by Ben. He’s feisty and stubbon as hell and always wants his way to be right (which is a lot like his owner). He’s a 25 year old Morgan Quarterhorse cross and you get double points if you know what that means. But suffice it to say I love animals and this one will always be in my heart. If you come to Maine with me you can feed him a treat.

Sunset at the Docks

Sunset at the Docks
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For Thanksgiving I went home to Maine and while I swore I wouldn’t travel again during the holidays, it always feels good to be there. I am always suprised by the silence of the town where my parents live and Portland is always smaller and colder than I remember. It’s hard to imagine I spent so much of my adolesnce hanging out there and feeling busy (and now I return to take pictures like this one of typically “Maine” things). But I’ve found I have a love for brick, cobblestone, wind in pine trees and the smell of salt water, all things which Maine and my many years there gave me. There’s a set on flickr, if you click on this photo you can get to it.