A summer week in provence

Roussillon Arch
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We met my family in Avignon and spent a week exploring Provence. I knew this area has been totally hyped, but I completely understood why. It is stunning- limestone hills, scraggly bushes, vineyards and olive trees everywhere you look. We ate local goat cheese and the famed melons de cavaillion, which were perfectly juicy and sweet. When I saw the quality of the light and the sunsets, as well as the perfect, sunbaked old stones, I could see why plein aire painters went ga ga for this region. My mom and I want to go back and plan a bike trip on back road to lunch in small towns. It’s seriously the good life. You can see way more pictures on my flickr stream.

Paris first, before the rest…

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In July my family went on a huge trip to the South of France, where I had never been. Before joining them, I flew to Paris and spent a jetlagged day and evening there before getting on the TGV with Gael to go to Avignon. Of course our city wanderings took us to Belleville, a neighborhood that has excited and intrigued me since I first set foot in it. To me it seems more “real,” more gritty, less perfect (shall we say, because it’s more working class) than the sparkling neighborhoods of central and western Paris. I’m not the only one who thinks this though, as Belleville is gentrifying rapidly, especially the street in this picture.

Flat White, Soho, London

Fueling my need for coffee, this was my first stop in London. The staff were super nice and they were even playing My Bloody Valentine when I walked in. Keight had recommended it and I was thankful for a good, independent coffee shop to visit in Starbucks land (I think there’s even more Starbucks in London than in NYC!). In case you were wondering what a Flat White is, Keight looked it up:

“i had to look it up…

a flat white and a latte is almost exactly the same thing, generally same 1/3 espresso to 2/3 milk ratio, but a flat white doesn’t include much of the foamy milk at the top (either it’s held back or mixed in with the rest of the milk, descriptions conflict on this detail). hence the “flat.”

as some dude stated on the coffeesnob forum:

“So if a flat white is a latte without 10mm of ‘more aerated’ textured milk in it, what it a long black with a dash of milk?

Lets face it, most cafes would not produce a discernably different product if you asked for both, other that being served in a glass and a cup.

… it’s a subtle distinction.”
Thanks Keight!

Welcome Baby J! Goodbye Jennifer K!

Yesterday, while I was on my way to the Ladytron show, Baby J aka Isaac Seth, was born to parents Erin and Daniel! So exciting. Here is Erin about a month ago at my birthday party (drinking Sorrel juice) with Jennifer K, who is sadly about to head back to Austin after a few months of too-short tenure in NYC. Congratulations Erin and Daniel! We’ll miss you Jennifer!

Ladytron @ Terminal Five

While I’m not 100% sure that their live show adds to my appreciation of their albums, I loved seeing Ladytron live again on tour supporting their new album. While the vocals definitely benefit from album production and the sound seemed to worsen throughout the show, I am a sucker for their dark, high energy synth pop complete with deadpan delivery. At the end of the show after “Destroy everything you touch” there was explosion of confetti which showered the crowd. For a band so cold it was quite a burst of exuberance.

The Face of 27!

The Face of 27!
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Last year my birthday did not turn out as well as I hoped, and so this year I left nothing to chance. With the help of my friends I planned the “perfect Brooklyn day” on my actual birthday, May 26. This followed Lauren and my 7th annual co-organized birthday party on the 24th, which was a picnic in prospect park. The “perfect Brooklyn day” started with bagels in Emily’s backyard in Fort Greene, proceeded to a bike ride to Coney Island via Prospect Park and Ocean Parkway, and ended with tacos at Tacos Matamoros in Sunset Park. Highlights of the day included Andi’s bright pink bike helmet; finding Beer Island, which is a vacant lot filled with sand and a beer shack behind the board walk at Coney Island; eating tons of guacamole; finishing the day covered in bike grease and sand. I chronicled it all in a set on flickr (which you can get to by clicking on the title of this photo) and there’s an article on Eater about Beer Island where they compare it to Water Taxi Beach here: http://eater.com/archives/2008/05/beach_wars_ther.php
I disagree with them, because I think Beer Island rules in a MTV spring break kind of way.