forgetting completely

Today I completely forgot the significance of today’s date for some people in the US until I sat down on Gael’s windowsill to write in my journal and wrote the date. Hah hah hah happy birthday US, or not, this probably being the best fourth of july I have ever spent since I don’t have to acknowledge it at all (and yet I am).

Speaking French is actually not that scary (speaking it correctly being another matter all together), but I am somewhat baffled that anyone could actually understand what I am saying and I know my pronounciation totaly sucks. An example of this being that I totaly confused a waistress in a sushi restaraunt by asking for “suelement concomber, pas de saumon” but my “seulement” (only) sounded too much like “saumon” (salmon) and so I ended up with salmon sushi, which I embarassingly had to explain why I could not eat. But I will always enounciate “seulement” from now on.

The other students at the language school are from countries all over the world, easing my fears somewhat that I would just be surrounded by a bunch of people from the US. It’s a nice challenge too because often French is the only language we really have in common and so if I want to have someone to talk to and eat lunch with I have to talk to people in French. It also automatically makes me really open and friendly with people, which is a nice feeling.

Now if only I could always use the correct tenses when I speak that would be awesome.

One thought on “forgetting completely

  1. yes, you escaped the 4th of july, but two things to look forward to: 1. world cup final against italy this sunday july 9. I’m actually quite bummed out about brazil losing to france, even if the winning goal was scored by my new soccer boyfriend, henry.the interesting thing is that half of the french team is comprised of players of african descent, from their many colonies in that continent. italy, on the other hand, is pretty white and “continental.”who to root for now that all the south americans are gone? allez les bleues? I’m torn. 2. bastille day on july 14th. eat some cake?

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