The last few weeks…

Since I last posted where have I been? First, after returning from Belgium I spent a few days running around Paris with my neice and her grandmother (photos forthcoming) seeing the big sights as it was my neice’s first time in France… Eiffel tower, Musee D’Orsay, Louvre (I had forgotten how spectacular the building itself it)… I used my museum educator knowledge to decorde hieroglyphics in the Egyptian collection and yes, we saw the Mona Lisa. It was really neat to talk about my neice’s impressions of Paris, probably the biggest city she has been to.
Afterwards I went to the French Atlantic coast for several days which was quite a contrast- getting up late, riding bikes to the beach, going to the market everyday for vegetables for dinner. So relaxing.
Now I am back in Paris, enjoying tea at Marriage Frères and the streets and feeling of the 11th and 12th arrondisements, having decided I prefer east Paris to west Paris. Now I am sitting in my sister’s study watching theSeine go by and the late summer (that feels like fall) rain fall. This is just ashort entry to say don’t give up on this blog and many photos will be coming, probably on wednesday night or thursday.

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