Lower Manhattan from Sunset Park

Manhattan from Sunset Park 2
Originally uploaded by killerfemme.

Today was an achingly beautiful September day, the kind of weather where you know it is fall. It was not unlike this day 5 years ago that was being commemorated so much… Sunset Park offers a straing view into Lower Manhattan. I hadn’t even heard of this place when the skyline was changed, having just moved to New York two weeks previous. Today makes me feel like I “should” reflect on what’s changed, but the fact is is that it has infused my daily life so much now that reflection catches me at odd moments, emotion and shortness of breaths, flickers of memory coming when I least expect it. There’s nothing too different I have to say on the actual “day of” that I haven’t been saying “since”… racial profiling, torture, deportation, war, curtailment of civil liberties, all this continues on a day-to-day basis, so I don’t feel like I need to commemorate this day particularly (I understand the need if a loved one was lost, for sure…), but I do want to say that we can use it as a place where we can keep struggling, working, hoping for truth, peace and justice. Is another world still possible? Most days I am not sure, but we have to keep believing so.

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