The Shondes at Sin-e

The Shondes at Sin-e
Originally uploaded by killerfemme.

I’ve been really slow to blog the photos I’ve posted, but the other week I went to see my friends The Shondes play at Sin-e. Just back from a summer US tour, they sounded awesome… really tight, incredibly gripping melodies and harmonies and just plain good dancy rock with a refreshing political message. Being radical, Jewish queers who are passionately pro-Palestine and anti-occupation is no small thing and it made me realize how much I appreciate the presence of these people and their thought and action in my life. Louisa (bass) and Eli (violin) are pictured in this picture, but not Brannigan (guitar) or Temim (drums)… Hopefully they will be playing again soon in NYC… in the meantime check out

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