Asheville Sidewalk

Originally uploaded by killerfemme.

This past weekend took me to Asheville, North Carolina to visit LK, who used to have my job and B. who also used to live in Brooklyn and is now working at Bookworks, where the book and zine show Evolution of Cut and Paste is having a second go. I loved the trees, mountains and clean air of Asheville, as well as the relaxed pace and good food. It was nice to have a few days after a flurry of work just to walk around, talk with friends and take in a new place. It reminded me of Portland, Maine (the city closest to where I’m from) without the ocean or Portland, Oregon at least in terms of architecture. Click on this photo to get to flickr, where you can see a slideshow of all the lovely leaves, trees, the Biltmore estate and the zine show.

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