Indulgence in Evolution of Cut and Paste

Emily K. Larned, of Red Charming, organized a small book arts show called “Evolution of Cut and Paste” at the Parsons Gimbell library in 2003 that showcased 4 lady zinesters turned bookartists, Sara Jaffe, Molly Kalkstein, Amy Greenan,herself and me! The second generation of this show just opened at Bookworks in Asheville, NC, brought there by the wonderful Bridget Elmer. Shown here are some of my zines and books that are in the show… I loved looking at the show again, it was just as vibrant and exciting as it was in 2003 and I think really showed how zines are still exciting in a digital age. Looking at Amy, Molly, Emily, Sara’s and my work all together again in a space as exciting and condusive to creativity as Booworks really made me excited to make another issue of my personal zine, Indulgence, which I have been publishing since 1998. If you are in the Asheville area before December 15th, please stop by the show, it’s truly unique and inspiring.

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