Talking to teens at Bookworks

Talking to teens at Bookworks
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One of the higlights of my time at Bookworks, besides seeing the show and a space where awesome people create beautiful things, was getting to talk to a group of teenage girls and their parents about making zines. I find it funny that wherever I go my Museum Educator skills are being put into practice, but I enjoy it. It was wonderful to talk about what it was like to start making a zine when I was the girls age in a rural place not unlike Asheville and where zine making has brought me. Even though I haven’t made a personal zine in three years, I still really connected to zine making and the desire to create and share personal work with the hope of connecting with others and sharing ideas about changing the world (and yes, I really beleive that) . So the idea that I could encourage teenage girls to create a zine (or anything, really) was pretty intensely moving and fun as well. I should mention here that Bookworks offers zine making and other cool classes for teenagers as well as adults. At the closing of the show the teenagers in the zine making class will get to show off the zines they have made in the workshop. This is such a great idea because it adds to the conversation of zine making and combining zines and bookarts. Bring on the next generation of zinesters!

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