Bottom Bracket at Crash Mansion

So apparently their set was all improvised with the idea of keeping each song to 3 minutes. However, there were vocals and everything sounded like a recognizable “song” to me. Pretty fucking amazing in my mind and totaly rockin’. If you want to know what kind of Bottom Bracket they are, well, you’ll have to visit my myspace page… hopefully they’ll be playing with Perils in the not-so-distant future. But seriously, this band is good and you don’t have to be a bike or music nerd to enjoy them (though you’re cooler if you’re any kind of nerd at a rock show and at a show where bands of people who work in museums play, well, you know there will be a few nerds around). While I’m on a tangent about nerdiness, earlier that night I learned about Bronze Disease and how to stop it from an objects conservator. That’s pretty fucking cool if you ask me.

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