Nice pants

Nice pants
Originally uploaded by killerfemme.

IP, a PDX and US expat now living in Halifax, NS, came down for the weekend for an art book fair and had the luck of catching the swap as well. She’s shown here modeling a very special hat and showing off some pants which were sadly the wrong size and season for many. IP also me a copy of her latest book project, called DIY in HFX (do-it-yourself in Halifax). I have started reading it and it is really inspiring to read about the ways in which this community interprets the ideas and ethics of DIY. It has a different feel from IP’s last book in this series “DIY in PDX” focusing on Portland, OR. That one seemed more indie rock and craft focused while this one feels like there’s more focus on the environment and economy. I think it’s interesting because of course it reflects the different cultures of the cities that it focuses on. I also felt more positive about the idea of DIY and realized that feeling inspired doesn’t mean I’m young or naive and what’s cool about feeling grumpy and hopeless anyways? I want to be open to and embrace inspiration to do, make and create more regularly and not feel like it’s comprimising my critical outlook.

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