Peter Teaberry and KW

Peter Teaberry and KW
Originally uploaded by killerfemme.

Peter Teaberry uses bold colors to capture characters in conventional (nude on a chair) and unconventional (family and human sized duck in hot tub) settings. There’s a lot of humur in his work, as well as careful application of paint and attention to detail (without making detailed paintings, if that makes sense). I think Peter’s approach is also captured in the fact that he made up titles for the work after he hung the show. Registrar by day, glamorous artist by night KW is shown here writing those titles on labels as he thought of them. His work is currently on view at Freddy’s Backroom (in the backroom), with it’s nice lighting, pressed tin ceiling, cheap drinks, and always interesting art and bands, it’s the perfect place to hang out after work. Have I mentioned that Peter’s last name is my favorite?

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