Electrelane at La Cigale

Electrelane at La Cigale
Originally uploaded by killerfemme.

We also got to see Electrelane at La Cigale, another incredible show. I’m looking forward to their show in NYC next week. This four lady band rocks, with each song building, ebbing and flowing in a really powerful way. As with the time I saw them 2 years ago, they are an extremely “togther” band, each song falls together perfectly. The crowd LOVED them and 2 gay dudes totaly started a mosh pit, something I was glad I was not a part of. I thought there might be a kind of riot when the club would not let Electrelane come on for a second encore. I was suprised that they didn’t play more songs from their new album “No Shouts, No Calls,” which is one of my favorite new albums of late.

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