Electrelane Rock It To The Moon at Irving Plaza

First of all, I love this picture because you can see the whole band. What I love about Electrelane is that they write amazing songs which they count and play perfectly, while barely expending any obvious effort to do so. It’s as if they feel each change instintively. Mia Clarke touches her guitar and it sends off squalls of feedback. It’s hypnotizing watching each note fall perfectly into place. While I was transfixed by their Irving Plaza show, it didn’t feel quite as high every as when I saw them in Paris. They are such a confident band though, they don’t fail to rock and it’s great because when you look at them together, they do not make the kind of music one might stereotypically expect. However, perhaps one can not say that music made by a group of four ladies could have any stereotypical sound. I think the history of women making music, and especially rock and punk, shows that quite clearly. On a personal note, the lyrics to their song “To The East” resonate quite a bit lately, “If you said these words, I’d come to you, where you are, it’s too hard to be apart…”

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