July 4 Water Fight

July 4 Water Fight
Originally uploaded by killerfemme

July 4 was cloudy and rainy in Brooklyn, squelching plans for a beach trip and a rooftop barbeque. Instead, I went to Prospect Park with my neighbors, where we witnessed this strange hipster ritual. We were sitting drinking our watermelon juice on a grassy knoll when a herd of hips kids showed up with buckets full of water baloons. Soon they were launching them at each other with makeshift slingshots or going for the jugular with water guns. We soon made out that there were four teams- the British (union jack apparel, such as tank tops and boxer shorts), the colonists (or Americans, blue, which became evident when one yelled “No taxation without representation!”) and two other teams: Red (French??) and Green (Native Americans??). Yes, it was the American Revolution, re-enacted as a water fight. That combined with fireworks exploding right above our heads later that night thanks for local pyrotechnicians definetly made me feel like this is a great country we live in. For sure.

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