Goodbye and Good luck Wassan!

Wassan, Vincente, Hamburger
Originally uploaded by killerfemme

She’ll probably be annoyed at me for blogging this photo, but Wassan (shown here eating a burger on the Delancy’s rooftop) left this week to begin a new job as a curator in a not yet opened moder, Arab art museum in Doha, Qatar. After working with Wassan for a year and seeing her pull together a weekend where 60 artists from all over the world were talking at the Museum over the course of 4 days, I know that this new museum will benefit immensely from her knowledge, energy and expertise. Wassan was always finding cool things to do and organizing outings, as well as happy to share gossip and trade ideas. It’s true that friends are never far away thanks to the internet, but Doha does seem far. I am going to start planning my trip…

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