Lucksmiths: Tali and Marky

Lucksmiths: Tali and Marky
Originally uploaded by killerfemme

Jennifer and I went to see the Lucksmiths at the Knitting Factory last Friday. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I knew it would be a good show. Those boys from Austrailia more than exceeded my expectations. They are a good, solid band who get better with every tour, something I didn’t expect. I don’t know how they manage to improve on their catchy pop songs, but they manage to ech time I see them. They are also very nice people and remembered hanging out with me when I was 19 and living in Portland, Oregon and we stayed in the same house for a month (that house was just as much mine as theirs, even if I was paying rent). In someways seeing them made me feel like I was 19 and living in the pacific northwest again, but in all the good ways: enthusiasm, energy, creativity. Marky told me I “hadn’t changed” since then, but he meant that in a good way too (I hope). Come back soon luckies!

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