Summer Reading: The Night Watch

The Night Watch The Night Watch by Sarah Waters

My review

rating: 4 of 5 stars
I found this on the remainder table at St. Marks Books and picked up because I am always searching for a good novel. I know it’s a piece of period fiction, but I really enjoyed this book. I think Sarah Waters captures the mood and atmosphere of London during the Blitz and right after WWII really well. Her characters are engaging and intriguing and I am still thinking about them after finishing the book. Usually I find books that go backwards in time frustrating, but it works for this novel (which starts in 1948 and finishes in 1941) because it turns the reader into a detective, assembling clues about the characters past and leading to some “ah ha!” moments. This is a great read while traveling, and I just happened to be in London while I read it.

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