A summer week in provence

Roussillon Arch
Originally uploaded by killerfemme

We met my family in Avignon and spent a week exploring Provence. I knew this area has been totally hyped, but I completely understood why. It is stunning- limestone hills, scraggly bushes, vineyards and olive trees everywhere you look. We ate local goat cheese and the famed melons de cavaillion, which were perfectly juicy and sweet. When I saw the quality of the light and the sunsets, as well as the perfect, sunbaked old stones, I could see why plein aire painters went ga ga for this region. My mom and I want to go back and plan a bike trip on back road to lunch in small towns. It’s seriously the good life. You can see way more pictures on my flickr stream.

One thought on “A summer week in provence

  1. Wow, it sounds “amazing!” That’s kind of how I reacted to Paris. I thought, this place has been built up by everyone so much, there is no way it will be as magical as it sounds. I prepared myself for disappointment, and then it was better than I thought it could be. A total dream.

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