Indulgence #10

Indulgence #10
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After four years I made a new issue of Indulgence! True to form, this one is essays about my life, but I’ve shifted from political analysis to personal introspection, framed by places I’ve lived or visited. There are three essays about Paris, Portland, and Brooklyn, and the cover is printed on the Print Gocco and it is hand bound. Of course. I never staple. If you would like to receive one in the mail, please paypal me $3 to killerfemme (at) I’d also trade for your zine/art proroject or a really good letter. Thanks!

One thought on “Indulgence #10

  1. Hi E!Someone linked to a zine flickr group on LJ and I didn’t know existed it. then I saw your name and was shocked to see a zine! Glad to see your smiling face, too! I totally wanna zine. Wanna trade? You can see mine on the website.

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