Abe Vigoda and Telepathe Review

Last week I went to see Abe Vigoda and Telepathe open for Diplo at my least favorite New York City venue, Webster Hall. I hear its a New York City landmark, but I cannot stand the fake “Egyptian” decoration. Go figure this would make a museum educator crazy. When I first saw these bands together over the summer at South Street Seaport I swore they were both like 18 years old, as there was gangly limbs and youthful noodling everywhere. Imagine my surprise when I heard one of the ladies in Telepathe is 32! Could have fooled me. Anyway, both bands were engaging in completely different ways and you can read my review here. I really love Telepathe’s circular, loopy drones. They are kind of the band version of the film Celine et Julie Vont En Bateau. Despite my curiosity and being a fan of his recorded work, I skipped out early when Diplo came on, as it was a little too house music for me and since he put his DJ booth on the floor, I couldn’t even see him twiddling the knobs.

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