Mom Style

My mom has great style. She is also a great knitter. All my life she’s been knitting and has made me countless sweaters and even some toy horses! I always seem to find sweater patterns to flummox her though, and my latest request was no different. Keight had knit herself a Sunrise Circle Jacket from a pattern by Kate Gilbert and I wanted one too! I chose a soft grey yarn and chose round buttons instead of toggles for closure. Finished in May it relaxed in my closet until these grey November days inspired me to pull it out. It was so warm, and so chique, I am certain to take it with me to Paris in a few weeks.

Late Fall Style and New Sweater

I paired it with brown oxfords, also from my Mom. I know vintage style Oxfords are all the rage, and these ones are actually vintage and finely crafted by Etienne Aigner. They also go great with the grasses on the Highline!

Taking the Oxfords for a Late fall walk on the Highline

2 thoughts on “Mom Style

  1. Etienne Aigner is the one brand I see enough vintage of that I really like to make me wish it was all vegan! It’s usually so classic and simultaneously darling.

    That is to say, I really like your shoes.

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