Flying (and Photographing) Above the Clouds

A shot from the sky over New England

If you follow me on Twitter or Flickr you are probably aware that my latest technological obsession is the app Instagram. It allows you to take, share and comment on photos with your iPhone, as well as add filters to them that make them look a little better than the average smart phone snap. What I love about Instagram is that it connects me to a network of friends and strangers around the world who share postcard moments of their daily lives. It’s pure visual pleasure (on a small screen) that allows members to share the stories of their lives through photo vignettes.

Flying Above the Clouds IV

Above the clouds

On my Instagram feed my visual obsessions become quickly apparent: there is a high quantity of images of clouds, sunsets, sky, cats, coffee, food, Paris and New York. Looking at so many shots of sky from around the world inspired me to snap a few pictures using my iPhone (I used Camera Plus and Hipstamatic) while I was on my puddle jumper of a flight up to Maine yesterday. I loved the distortion of the sun and sky provided naturally by the airplane window and the textures of the clouds. It also reminded me of the song “Clouds” that my band Corita wrote – shimmery, sing songy, dreamy and noisy. You can listen to it and download it here. Enjoy!



Flying Above the Clouds

Sky, sun, clouds, faraway lakes

6 thoughts on “Flying (and Photographing) Above the Clouds

    • Thanks! These are just iPhone 4 pictures, taken with Histamatic (the black and white ones… some weird new free “film” from Nike!), and then just Camera Plus – the plane window distorted the images a little. I put a filter on one of the images from Camera Plus – I think it’s the “Lo-Fi” look. Fun!

    • Thanks Ms.Byglam! I’ve seen the amazing photos you’ve taken with LEMELEME and I am definitely going to add it to my collection. I just have not had a spare moment to search for new apps! Thanks for looking! Camera + is fun, let me know if you have questions about it!

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