C’mon Irene

Here is New York, come hell or high water

Post-Irene skyline view from Sunset Park

So how did I survive New York’s biggest storm in decades? Just fine, thank you. I’m really not one to buy into weather related hype, but I’ll admit as I read the storm reports rolling out on Twitter (yes, this is how I get my up to the minute news these days) I began to get a little jumpy. I spent some time pouring over the map of evacuation zones the Office of Emergency Management put out. I read up on hurricane tips offered by everyone from the mayors office to my electric company. Fortunately, I don’t live in an evacuation zone, but actually on the second highest hill in Brooklyn. My apartment building is a solidly constructed brick building from 1931 that has withstood many a storm. So, I figured, a little rain, a little wind, big deal. In fact, I think the Fucked in Park Slope blog captured my kind of storm prep the best with this entry and chart.

Dancing in the park after the storm

A couple dances in Sunset Park after the storm

Honestly, I think that the NYC government did a pretty decent job of informing everyone. They had a plan, they were organized and they got the word out. I thin they got a little hysterical, sure. I think their move to evacuate all of the Rockaways was a little bit much and that they were making up for their complete lack of planning with this past winter’s big snow storm. But I followed directions, filled up my water bottles and filled the bathtub with water in case we lost electricity and thus water pressure. We never lost electricity. Heck, because my windows are west facing I even kept them open during more of the storm and no rain blew in.

Post storm wind and clouds

Windowblown clouds after the storm

It was really sweet that all of my far-away friends reached out with their support and well-wishes. New York truly is a global city that many hold in their hearts. Since I moved here 10 years ago (to the week!) I’ve experienced September 11th, several huge blizzards, two tornadoes, and an earth quake (which I didn’t feel). I missed the black out of 2003 because I was in Oregon for the summer. I’ve also experienced so many personal trials and tribulations that come with negotiating life in a huge metropolis. New York is a stalwart city and it passes that on to its residents. To live here and not loose your mind I think you need to develop a sense of resolve, calm and willingness to be ready for anything.
Post-Irene Sunset

4 thoughts on “C’mon Irene

  1. I’m glad things were civil by you as well. There are only branches down here, and unfortunately a bunch of fledgling birds. I don’t see any power lines or uprooted trees though and while I only went down to 5th Ave earlier, I didn’t see any pools of water so I don’t know how badly it flooded the closer to 3rd.

    Of course I’m nervous for my outside cats and feel really badly for my neighbors who have flooded basement floors. Thankfully my landlord reinforced our roof this past week so the potential leaks above my bed are solved!

    And poor Hoboken!
    Hoboken Hurricane Irene 8-28-2011 by Gary

    On a different note, we actually looked @ a house on 43rd (but it’d already rented) because my boyfriend and I are planning on moving in together but we won’t find anything large enough near me (and I need to stay vaguely local for the 2 cats I feed on 18th St, sadly). Any pointers on Sunset Park living? It’s one of the areas we’re looking at and we’re willing to take our time to find something right.

    • Glad to hear you guys are OK! Yeah, I feel terrible for friends in Jersey and low lying areas. So much water! That’s great you are considering Sunset Park. I would say just pay attention to street noise and how far the walk is to the train. I think that living in the 40’s or 50’s is good. Streets are quieter than avenues. The Keyfood on 5th and 44th is decent, as is the C Town on 8th and 45th. The C Town on 5th and 47th is terrible. So make sure there’s amenities you might use not too far from your place. Make sure any building that you look at seems safe and well maintained, and I’ll let you know if I hear of anything. I love Sunset Park (as you know) and it would be fun to be even closer neighbors! I hope your outside cats are OK.

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