Go By Train

View from the Amtrak Northeast Regional

A little interlude in this crazy season of work and travel to meditate on the chance to take time out from everyday life. Traveling by train always has a calming effect on me. It is as if I hit “pause” on my life. I am content to watch the world pass from the windows and let my thoughts wander. On a one-day work trip to Providence last week I got to pass my favorite part of the Amtrak journey between New York and points north: Connecticut’s marches and water ways, which are always full of dazzling light and views.

On the Amtrak bridge heading out of New York, looking towards Queens and the Bronx

One thought on “Go By Train

  1. Train travel is just lovely! So relaxing and scenic. Your pictures really capture that… though that last one of the Bronx smokestacks is kinda disturbing. Wonder what kind of plant that is, and what pollution nearby residents are breathing in!

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