In Praise of Pockets

I promised myself that I wouldn’t buy any new clothes for the next few months to make up for a shoe and dress binge earlier this summer. I popped into Housing Works in Chelsea (for better or worse located directly across the street from my office) and found the perfect black shirt. It is almost sculptural with it’s pleats and a nice shiny fabric and even my size! “No,” I told myself, putting it back on the rack, “You have at least 3 black skirts at home.” I tried it on anyway. It fit perfectly. I put my hand to my hip. What’s that? A pocket! End of dressing room deliberation. Sold. (And besides, it goes to charity)

I wore it to work the next day, paired with my new black oxfords (simply a fall, winter and spring necessity I decided, especially for my upcoming trip to Paris which combines walking a lot with the need to look stylish… which could also describe any day I go to work in Manhattan).

Blouse by Uniqlo, Skirt BCBG Maxazaria, Tights American Apparel, Shoes Nicole

Skirt Pocket Detail

I am always carrying things and I always appreciate pockets. As a girl who wears a lot of skirts and dresses I am constantly confounded by the lack of pockets in woman’s clothing. It’s an old lament, I know. But I love a tastefully done, subtle pocket that I can slip my phone, metrocard or business card into if needed.

My new (to me) skirt reminded me of two of my other favorite dresses that also have pockets. They are both by Brooklyn Industries, which I think does a really great job of adding pockets to their ladies clothing in general.

Not only is this dress perfect for strolling in Paris in the summer, it has great pockets!

It's not only great for work, but great for the subtle pockets!

Pinstripe pocket skirt by Built by Wendy, shirt on sale at Jcrew Outlet, bag from Monoprix

I broke my own rule again this past weekend when I saw that Built by Wendy was having a sale and I happened to be in the neighborhood. I nabbed this skirt as soon as it was not only my size, had pinstripes, and, best of all, pockets!