Central Europe Spring 2009!

LJ and I had been talking about a trip to Central Europe since 2003 or thereabouts. Half of her family is from Hungary and we were interested to explore that country and since we were over there, why not the countries around it? Our list expanded and shrank as we planned, but when we finally decided to go for real we settled on visiting Budapest, Vienna, Prague and Berlin.

We just got back last week and it was a truly life changing trip. Not in any grant way, but spending 2 weeks wandering cities filled with so much history and architecture just put me in a completely different mental state. It made me feel more like who I am. I feel more positive and better able to see the bigger picture in the world. While travel is eye opening, it’s also very internal. It meant I got to indulge in my favorite things: walking around looking at cities, riding public transit, drinking coffee, observing, and having adventures big and small, and I got to do it all with some of my favorite people in this world. You can see the adventures (and read the descriptions) on flickr here and look at the photos as a set to see them more artfully arranged.

Schmapp Berlin!

I am so proud that I photo I took in Gorlitzer park in Berlin in summer 2006 is included in the new schmapp guide to Berlin. I’d never heard of these interactive map cityguides, but they seem like I really good idea. Rest assured I’ll be checking them out for the cities I plan to visit in the next year… Barcelona and Glasgow! See my contribution to the Berlin schmapp here: