More good show pics…

The nice guys in Cobretti put some good pictures on their blog, including some of Mt. Olympus, who totally f’in shred and are the nicest guys to play with. The let us use all of their equipment, which led me to making an awkward analogy how their band was our band’s boyfriend… uh, whatever, but awesome show!

Note that Mike of Mt.Olympus is riffing in the crowd (Aileen is looking on) and Dickie’s hair is totally out of this world. He is my guitar hero.

Vivian Girls Review

I had to throw my hat in the indie-rock hype ring that is the Vivian Girls (not the same Vivian Girls that played the riffrag issue #2 launch party a few years ago for those of you who follow that). No, these Vivian Girls (named for outsider-artist Henry Darger’s heroines) have been around for a year or so and have already opened for Sonic Youth! While I don’t quite see why so much hype, though they are a good band, especially for fans of Black Tambourine and Talulah Gosh, you can read my review of their show at Death By Audio (ok, one of their many shows at Death By Audio) here.