My Favorite Pastime

While I enjoy waking up to NPR’s morning addition or the BBC world service (I also used to fall asleep to the BBC when I lived in Oregon) I have a favorite new radio show: Fair Game with host Faith Salie. A mixture of political commentary, sketch comedy, interviews and musical performances, all pulled together by Faith’s valley girl voice had me first saying, “This is NPR? I just can’t believe it!” While Terry Gross she is not (thankfully), Faith is an upbeat and critical host. I now I find myself looking forward to each weekday evening between 8 and 9 when I can cook dinner and listen to Fair Game. My favorite segment? Bathed in Glory, which highlights really hideous things people do, like run over a 17 year old and then sue the deceased boy’s family for damages to the car. Last night I even found myself in the kitchen after I had finished dinner (and the dishes). I realized I was engaging in a very old fashioned pastime: sitting around, listening to the radio. If you love WNYC as much as I do, today is the last day of their fund drive, so donate if you can (I am guilty of not donating this time, but next time! I swear!).