Sleep Quiz

I bought this book “The Secret Language of Sleep” as a present for G. one day the other week and then saw Keight was reading it on Good Reads. I was convinced to take the “sleep test” and after answering some ridiculous questions it actually came up with a pretty accurate result:

I am a classic spoons!
Find your own pose!

One thought on “Sleep Quiz

  1. LNR, I am shamelessly promoting my blog in your comment section because I’m not sure how else to get a hold of you and I had happened to find this. Anyways, I don’t know if you’ve heard of the media messing with the new Arabic dual-language school that’s supposed to open in Brooklyn this fall. If you didn’t hear, I thought you would be interested to know about it. I wrote my personal response on my blog and linked to a lot of articles about it…anyone else who reads this, please check it out. It’s whack how a flippin’ newspaper can campaign to shut down a promising new school before it even manages to open. If you’re in New York, the Khalil Gibran International Academy needs your support. Here’s hoping, Carrie

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