A Summer of Rockin’ Out

Rockin’ Out
Originally uploaded by killerfemme

I’ve been delinquint with the blog this summer… and with all the summer reading I was hoping to do (thanks, Andi, for forgiving my library fines!). And now sumemr is over, though the humidity makes me feel like it’s still July. This photo, of LJ, Andi and Gael rocking’ out at the Ted Leo show at McCarren pool is a representative sample of the free, outdoor summer fun that included an Opera in Prospect Park, Camera Obscura at South Street Seaport, and Ted Leo, the Thermals and TV on the Radio at McCarren pool (not for free there was also Sonic Youth and the Slits and Feist). There were also beach trips, bike rides and barbeques. Every year I feel like I settle into NYC a bit more and am a bit more relaxed about living here. All told, this was only my second summer here. In college I preffered to “summer” in Portland, OR and last summer I had the chance to study in France, which was fantastic. But summer in NYC, despite the heat and no air conditioner in my room, is really, really fun. There is a lightness about and the pace of the city seems to slow down. Like last year, I am working on extending summer through September. In June Andi and I made a pact to “live the good life” in NYC and I think we succeeded this summer.

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