Fall in Manhattan’s Squares

Usually I try to get out of town in the fall to see the leaves changing and the seasons passing. While I did take a brief detour to Maine earlier this fall I sadly have been prevented from taking any serious trip to upstate New York or Long Island due to academic obligations. I even had to miss the annual spooky caravan that Andi organizes!

However, some solace has come through my farm share, which keeps my regularly updated on what produce is in season that week, and the goings-on in the two squares I walk through between work and school. I was treated to some autumnal delights at the epically huge Union Square Greenmarket and at Madison Square Park (which I think is an unsung hero of a beautiful, well funded, well-used park!).


Orange pumpkins, yellow tree in Union Square

Selling fall leaves for $8 a bunch would surly give old time Mainers another reason to think the city life is ridiculous

Bold fall colors at the Greenmarket

I just about fell in love when I saw that huge pile of radishes! Meanwhile, in Madison Square Park…

Jim Campbell's "Scattered Light" creates a flutter of light at twilight

...and a very determined squirrel finds a goldmine in a pumpkin placed high in a dead tree

The squirrel caused quite a stir and was much photographed. It’s moments like these that remind me why I love New York.

2 thoughts on “Fall in Manhattan’s Squares

    • Seriously… green in the city is so important. I used to work right next to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, so even my fairly close work proximity to USQ, Madison Square and the Highline still feels like too far!

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