Sculptural Shirt

I like clothing that is sculptural. I like it when it has a shape that it holds on it’s own and when it’s not completely clinging to you and when there’s an obvious construction the designer was going for. I was totally excited when I found this very chiseled (yet soft!) linen/cotton blend shirt on sale at Built by Wendy.


I also love the detailing!

High Collar with Gathers, brilliant!

3 thoughts on “Sculptural Shirt

  1. I like this shirt – not surprising it’s BBW.

    I just found your blog searching for info about a mocumentary my friend did ages ago (I ran into a friend who asked me if I remembered water gun footage from it – and I didn’t remember I was in it, actually).

    Anyway. Hello.

      • I believe I was! He used footage of our trip to LA and Olympia that year but I have only ever seen the film once. And the only other thing I remember is absolutely RUINING the fake fight scene @ DUMBA with Kathleen H. and someone else because I kept laughing as one of the fight-watching extras. Eventually I was a much better and more serious extra in his stuff but I did really blow that scene so he had to edit that scene as soon as the camera gets me all the way in the shot because I was clearly laughing.

        But anyway – that’s all I remember plot-wise! Which is why I was looking for it! Because I ran into a friend who was talking about it and at first I couldn’t even remember that I was in any of it.

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