Arts, Forward!

Walker Teen Art Council, 2009-2010. Photo Cameron Wittig.

Since graduating from college I have made my career in arts institutions. I’ve worked as a museum educator, public programmer, and now work to support artists in their fund raising and teaching artists about services and resources that can help them grow their practice. In my studies I’ve focused on the arts in the realm of cultural and social policy and thought about the kind of quantitative research that can be applied to arts organizations to better understand and articulate the value of arts and culture in society.  I’m excited to announce that for the next few months about I will be blogging about some of these topics as a blogging fellow on the new website ArtsFwd. ArtsFwd examines innovative practices in arts leadership and is a really exciting place for sharing ideas and about adaptive strategies to create dynamic change in the arts sector and move it, well, forward.

Artist Marie Watt gives a talk at Crow's Shadow

My first piece explored arts leadership in rural areas, which features Melissa Bob, the new Interim Executive Director of Crow’s Shadow Institute outside of Pendleton, Oregon.  My second piece profiles the Teen Arts Council blog at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota and shares some fantastic ideas of how arts organizations can effectively engage teens and honor their voices in an arts institution.  I hope you’ll check these out and join us in the conversation! There’s a lot more innovation to come from ArtsFwd, and we’d love your input!

The Feminist Review

For the past few years I have been reviewing books and albums for the highly useful and informative blog The Feminist Review. My subject matter has ranged from ethereal Brooklyn folk-duo Christy and Emily‘s new record Superstition, to the book Zubaida’s window, an experimental novel about an Iraqi exiled in Berlin. It’s a great resource and provides an important service to independent and feminist minded creators of culture. They are looking for donations to keep up and running. So in honor of women’s history month I suggest you drop a few bucks their way via their site:

For archiving sake, I’m also going to list all the reviews I’ve written (more for my own record than your reading pleasure):
Christy and Emily “Superstition”
Nakatomi Plaza “Ghosts”
The Summer Cats “Songs for Tuesdays”
Oneida “Rated O”
Zubaida’s Window by Iqbal Al-Qazwini
Black Male Outsider by Gary Lemons
Lessons in Integration edited by Erica Frankenberg and Gary Orfeld
Pas Chic Chic “Au Contraire”
A is for Accident “Selfish”
Pale Young Gentleman “Black Forest Tra La La”
Dressy Bessy “Holler and Stomp”
The Shondes “The Red Sea”
The Gender Politics of Development by Shirin M. Rai
Cause Co-Motion “It’s Time!”
Hawnay Troof “Islands of Ayle”
Bodies of Water “A Certain Feeling”
Juana Molina “Una Dia”
Omar S and Claude Von Stroke
From Bubblegum to Sky “A Soft Kill”
Feminist Coalitions edited by Stephanie Gilmore
Bachelorette “My Electric Family”

New Food Blog, 2 Cooks in the Kicthen!

The Spread (labled)
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I’ve decided to spread the blogging love and have started a collaborative food blog with my favorite chef SMH. We started our blog, 2 Cooks in the Kitchen, to be a collective project to share our love of cooking, eating and outer borough culinary exploration with our friends in New York City and the rest of the world. We hope to be the blog to visit if you are looking for the perfect market in Brooklyn, an ideal summertime vegan desert, are looking for the perfect thing to do with that strange vegetable you got from your farm share, or just enjoy reading about cooking and eating. We’re just getting started and welcome your feedback, ideas, and comments.

In addition, we’ll be serving sandwiches at the Desk Set’s Biblioball on Friday, December 11th. It’s a fundraiser for Literacy for Incarcerated Teens and also promises to be a lot of fun. Read the entry about it for details!

Hope you’ll join me on WordPress and continue to follow me on blogger!