New Reviews on Elevate Difference

I have been writing for the website the Feminist Review for several years now, reviewing books, movies, and music from a feminist perspective. The site recently rebranded and relaunched itself as Elevate Difference and it looks great! Honestly, at first I wasn’t too sure about the new name. I thought Feminist Review said what it needed to say. However, once I took a look at Elevate Difference’s snazzy new design I got it- it’s wide reaching, broader ranging, and sophisticated, while never loosing its feminist perspective.

I have two new reviews posted now on Elevate Difference—Mirah’s Gone Are All the Days 12″ single and taboo-busting French director Francois Ozon’s new movie Le Refuge. Please check them out!

The Feminist Review

For the past few years I have been reviewing books and albums for the highly useful and informative blog The Feminist Review. My subject matter has ranged from ethereal Brooklyn folk-duo Christy and Emily‘s new record Superstition, to the book Zubaida’s window, an experimental novel about an Iraqi exiled in Berlin. It’s a great resource and provides an important service to independent and feminist minded creators of culture. They are looking for donations to keep up and running. So in honor of women’s history month I suggest you drop a few bucks their way via their site:

For archiving sake, I’m also going to list all the reviews I’ve written (more for my own record than your reading pleasure):
Christy and Emily “Superstition”
Nakatomi Plaza “Ghosts”
The Summer Cats “Songs for Tuesdays”
Oneida “Rated O”
Zubaida’s Window by Iqbal Al-Qazwini
Black Male Outsider by Gary Lemons
Lessons in Integration edited by Erica Frankenberg and Gary Orfeld
Pas Chic Chic “Au Contraire”
A is for Accident “Selfish”
Pale Young Gentleman “Black Forest Tra La La”
Dressy Bessy “Holler and Stomp”
The Shondes “The Red Sea”
The Gender Politics of Development by Shirin M. Rai
Cause Co-Motion “It’s Time!”
Hawnay Troof “Islands of Ayle”
Bodies of Water “A Certain Feeling”
Juana Molina “Una Dia”
Omar S and Claude Von Stroke
From Bubblegum to Sky “A Soft Kill”
Feminist Coalitions edited by Stephanie Gilmore
Bachelorette “My Electric Family”