Indulgence #10

Indulgence #10
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After four years I made a new issue of Indulgence! True to form, this one is essays about my life, but I’ve shifted from political analysis to personal introspection, framed by places I’ve lived or visited. There are three essays about Paris, Portland, and Brooklyn, and the cover is printed on the Print Gocco and it is hand bound. Of course. I never staple. If you would like to receive one in the mail, please paypal me $3 to killerfemme (at) I’d also trade for your zine/art proroject or a really good letter. Thanks!

LJ reading at ABC No Rio

LJ reading at ABC No Rio
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Several weeks ago (time is going too fast!) there was a zine reading at ABC No Rio as part of their “Art of Zines” show. It was pretty awesome to hear some old school zinesters like LJ and Elissa Nelson read. I thought about how not only had I started reading their zines about 10 years ago, but how amazing it is that we have become friends. There has been a small amount of zine activity around the city lately (I taught a workshop and attended a reading at Think Coffee the week previous) and I find that so interesting and important. Even though I’m not always sure what the power of zines are in the digital age, I know they have power. Seeing all the zines also motivated me to finally finish a new one. It’s going to be about art (big suprise) and especially about art I hate (nothing like a good rant for a zine, right?).

Talking to teens at Bookworks

Talking to teens at Bookworks
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One of the higlights of my time at Bookworks, besides seeing the show and a space where awesome people create beautiful things, was getting to talk to a group of teenage girls and their parents about making zines. I find it funny that wherever I go my Museum Educator skills are being put into practice, but I enjoy it. It was wonderful to talk about what it was like to start making a zine when I was the girls age in a rural place not unlike Asheville and where zine making has brought me. Even though I haven’t made a personal zine in three years, I still really connected to zine making and the desire to create and share personal work with the hope of connecting with others and sharing ideas about changing the world (and yes, I really beleive that) . So the idea that I could encourage teenage girls to create a zine (or anything, really) was pretty intensely moving and fun as well. I should mention here that Bookworks offers zine making and other cool classes for teenagers as well as adults. At the closing of the show the teenagers in the zine making class will get to show off the zines they have made in the workshop. This is such a great idea because it adds to the conversation of zine making and combining zines and bookarts. Bring on the next generation of zinesters!

Indulgence in Evolution of Cut and Paste

Emily K. Larned, of Red Charming, organized a small book arts show called “Evolution of Cut and Paste” at the Parsons Gimbell library in 2003 that showcased 4 lady zinesters turned bookartists, Sara Jaffe, Molly Kalkstein, Amy Greenan,herself and me! The second generation of this show just opened at Bookworks in Asheville, NC, brought there by the wonderful Bridget Elmer. Shown here are some of my zines and books that are in the show… I loved looking at the show again, it was just as vibrant and exciting as it was in 2003 and I think really showed how zines are still exciting in a digital age. Looking at Amy, Molly, Emily, Sara’s and my work all together again in a space as exciting and condusive to creativity as Booworks really made me excited to make another issue of my personal zine, Indulgence, which I have been publishing since 1998. If you are in the Asheville area before December 15th, please stop by the show, it’s truly unique and inspiring.

riffRAG print edition issue 2

riffRAG print edition issue 2
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This is the fruits of late nights folding, cutting, sticking with transfer adhesive, measuring, sewing… riffRAG issue 2 print edition! With a silkscreened cover by Em Sixteen and original prints and postcards by 6 aritsts, plus comics and articles, I have to say I am really proud of the results. My favorite part is this time around you can take the prints out and hang them on your fridge, in your office, on your wall, wherever… for more information and to order you own copy visit

Caroline Mak at Bluestockings

Caroline Mak at Bluestockings
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Caroline Mak gives an artist talk at the riffRAG issue 2 launch party where she talks about her pieces, process and love of industrial materials. I like to call her “professor Mak” here. Thanks to Joelle running to the apple store and convincing them to re-open the store to get the necessary cable, the show, power point and all, could go on. I am so indebted to my friends. See more of Caroline’s work at and